40th Birthday

40th Birthday


There aren't enough awesome 40th birthday shirts out there. Luckily, we're always on our toes for what people need and we've created a collection of epic proportions just for you! 40 is the new 30. You may be experiencing some sort of midlife crisis in a couple of years, but maybe you should just cross the bridge when you get there. Right now, focus more on celebrating the big 4-0 with your closest friends and showing people that you just got better with age.

Don't think too much about those "signs of aging" that they say you'll be having once you turn 40. They're just haters and you don't need that kind of negativity in your life, not when you're just about to hit your peak. They just wish they have the same spark as you. And yes, getting old is just a state of mind. Remember that you're only as young as how you feel!

We got some pretty cool 40th birthday shirts that can show people that you're still your hip self even if you've reached another milestone birthday. We don't want you dressing like a total bore for your special day. You still have the right to party until the sun rises and you can still show off some pretty cool dance moves, you know. So go ahead and pick whatever shirt you like!

Being young at heart never hurt anybody and of course, wearing our "I'm Not 40 I'm 21 With 19 Years Experience" shirt will definitely score a lot of chuckles from your buddies. Well, the shirt has a point! Your birth certificate might indicate that you're 40, but your heart still says that you're 21, but with almost 2 decades of experience under your belt. You've seen and done almost everything and you've come out of it unscathed, unlike those weak younglings of today. You can definitely out drink all of them thanks to all those years of expertise. They have nothing on you!

Of course we also have something for all the beautiful people out there! The "40 And Hot Buy Me A Shot" shirt is for the cool mom who is actually prettier and way cooler than the other 20 somethings at the bar. Yep, this is for you! Hey, the older the berry, the sweeter the juice, right?

As for those who have learned to have a distaste for cheap alcohol and fell in love with wine, the "I Age Well Like a Fine Wine" shirt is definitely right up your alley! Turning older means you become wiser and more refined. Your hobbies become classier and of course, you start appreciating the finer things in life. Your kids can mock you endlessly about turning older, but what they don't know is that you're aging pretty well and they should be thankful that they got your wonderful genes.

No matter how much you're dreading that day, having a special 40th birthday shirt will surely make everything much better. Remember that you're still a cool person through and through even if you turn 40, 50, or even 100!