Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirts

Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirts

Browse our collection of the best funny pregnancy announcement shirts. Ever since the dawn of technology, pregnancies have been announced digitally. Sure, it was cool at first, and you get so many likes and comments on social media whenever you mention your pregnancy, but be honest-- it’s gotten quite old and you want something different this time around.

And you know that your announcement is gonna get buried amongst all your other baby posts after a day or two. It also leads some of your bitter pals to unfriend or unfollow your account, because well, they probably don’t like it when someone gets blessed (damn haters!) You’re going to be a parent after so long, so you have to make the pregnancy announcement quite special and hate-free, so might as well just let a few special people know, right? And what better way to do that than getting something that you or someone close to you can treasure for a long, long time.

That’s right! You can finally have a shirt that announces that you have a bun in the oven. Or maybe a special shirt for that special person who will love your future kid to bits and pieces! From a shirt for dad to some special designs for that excited grandpa or aunt, we got what you need for your pregnancy announcement!

Maybe you want your dad or father-in-law to know first? With our epic “The Grandfather” shirt, they can feel like a total badass for being an official grandpa. Or maybe you’re well aware that Grandpas definitely know a whole lot of stuff compared to dads, we also have a shirt for that! You know how your dad is, he will always be the best guy in your life, so to make sure that he spoils your kid rotten, let him know that you know that he knows everything. We got you and your kid covered.

Do you or your husband have a sister who’s been bugging you guys to give her a niece or nephew? Well, now that her dream is about to get fulfilled, buy her a shirt that commemorates the event! Her aunthood was established in 2016, and people should know because she’s going to be your kid’s BFF once he or she comes out!

Or better yet, watch your husband’s face light up when he sees that you got him a “This Is What An Awesome Daddy Looks Like” shirt to announce that he’s officially a father. He’ll definitely give in to all your whims and desires while you’re pregnant if you get him this shirt!

Regardless of who you want to know first, we have the perfect pregnancy announcement shirt for you. You’re doing something amazing with your body-- creating a tiny human! You won’t be able to plan something as cool as announcing the existence of your firstborn ever again, you should go all out! So don’t pass up the opportunity to do an extra special announcement with the help of our extra awesome shirts and tanks!