11 Badass Volleyball Shirts Volleyball Lovers NEED to Have

11 Badass Volleyball Shirts Volleyball Lovers NEED to Have

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Unless you're a volleyball player, we doubt you've put much thought into why it's one of the best games in the world.

Sucks to be you!

Volleyball is awesome and these volleyball shirts are pretty much what every volleyball player (or their loved ones) needs. Just in case anyone ever has any questions about it and you don't want to have to answer them.

Statement tees are a huge thing in the fashion world, and they only seem to be getting more and more popular. The best part about them is they'll never go out of style.

So, volleyballers, what are you waiting on? Here are some volleyball shirts made just for you.

1. The Gelato is Over There

If You Wanted A Soft Serve You Should Have Gone For Ice Cream Shirt


Sportsmen shouldn't whine about how hard or soft a serve is. The aim of the game is to win! Wear one of these volleyball shirts the next time you're playing with people who just can't help but blame their tools. And then make them buy you an ice cream.

Get the If You Wanted A Soft Serve You Should Have Gone For Ice Cream Shirt on

2. Coaches Are True Heroes

You Don't Scare Me I Coach Girls Volleyball Shirt


Teaching teenage girls to do anything is a headache. They fight and argue more than you and your friends have in the decade since you guys were in that same position. But an empowered team is a great one. Girls, get your coach this volleyball shirt as a thank you!

Get the You Don't Scare Me I Coach Girls Volleyball Shirt on

3. An Important Schedule

Eat Sleep Volleyball Shirt


There's no possible way to forget your schedule when you're wearing it on volleyball shirts. It takes less time to slip on your shirt and go than it does to check the calendar on your phone. I mean, does anyone actually use that feature??

Get the Eat Sleep Volleyball Shirt on

4. Why Choose?

Volleyball and Tacos Shirt


After a good game, giving into your cravings is a must. What better for the whole team than tacos? Whether you're a meat eater or a vegetarian, there's a delicious taco waiting for you. You don't even have to choose between tacos or volleyball shirts either.

Get the Volleyball and Tacos Shirt on

5. Love Volleyball Shirts

Love Volleyball Shirt


At least as much as you love the game. That's possible, right? This is an understated shirt that will have people complimenting you and asking you where you got it. One must never underestimate the power of a minimalist t-shirt. Not in 2018!

Get the Love Volleyball Shirt on

6. What's a Volleyball Sister?

Volleyball Sister Definition Shirt


A normal sister but cooler, like the volleyball shirt said. Don't argue with your sister, lest your head be the unintentional target of her next match. Volleyball players are just cool, so even if you and your sister don't get along, getting her this will make it easier to.

Get the Volleyball Sister Definition Shirt on

7. The Truth Hurts

 If Volleyball Was Easy They'd Call It Football Shirt


Football players can pad themselves for the game all they want, it's way simpler than volleyball. It takes a lot to wear next to nothing on the beach, have your feet in the hot sand, volleyball shirts on your backs, and the ocean breeze in your hair. A lot.

Get the If Volleyball Was Easy They'd Call It Football Shirt on

8. You Got Served

You Just Got Served Shirt


These volleyball shirts are funny and amazing to slip over your head after a good victory. While not exactly applying ice to your opponent's wounds, they'd do the same in your position. A winner is a winner and a loser is just that. Vive la volleyball!

Get the You Just Got Served Shirt on

9. Volleyball Pride

Volleyball USA Shirt


What other countries out there are as greatly adept at volleyball but the USA? You might have played against teams from all over the globe, but it's a total American sport. Whatever the state of the country, you can be proud to be an American volleyball player.

Get the Volleyball USA Shirt on

10. Strike a Pose

Volleyball Is My Passion Spandex Is My Fashion Shirt


Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can and can't wear. Wearing your spandex underneath one of these funny volleyball shirts is totally rad and fashionable. Just think about how weird someone would look if they wore those things and didn't play volleyball.

Get the Volleyball Is My Passion Spandex Is My Fashion Shirt on

11. Volleyball Moms Rule

My Heart Is On That Court Shirt


Volleyball moms are insanely proud of their kids—for good reason! They're volleyball players and they're awesome for so many reasons. If your mom is always at one of your games, don't hesitate to buy her one of these volleyball shirts. She'll love it the way you love her!

Get the My Heart Is On That Court Shirt on

Whether you’re a volleyball mom, volleyball player, sister, or other half, these volleyball shirts are surely about to add more awesomeness into your life.

I mean, as if you’re not already the most awesome person already.

11 Sizzling Firefighter Shirts That Are Too Hot to Handle

11 Sizzling Firefighter Shirts That Are Too Hot to Handle

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

What's it like to be a hero, do you think?

If firefighters were asked, they'd likely reply they don't know. They're wrong, but they're legitimately humble and that's such a good thing.

There are jokes about firefighters rescuing cats or going all out to, but they shouldn't be jokes. Firefighters value all lives before their own. Hence, their hero status.

(Don't argue, firefighters. We'll just argue back!)

If you know someone who just can't admit to being a hero, get them one of these totally deserved firefighter shirts and look out for their smile.

1. For the Firefighter Wife

Firefighter Wife Shirt


If firefighters are attracted to hot things, then it goes without saying that their wives are gonna be so much hotter than the warmest fire. This firefighter shirt goes out to all the wives who keep their firefighter beaus grounded. Thank you for your service!

Get the Firefighter Wife Shirt on

2. Firefighter Manifesto

Blood, Sweat and Tears Shirt


It takes more than blood, sweat, and tears to be a good firefighter. As per these firefighter shirts, it takes giving up everything you hold dear to adhere to the firefighting way of life. When you know what a firefighter does, you know superheroes are 100% real.

Get the Blood, Sweat and Tears Shirt on

3. Love is a Fire Letter Word

Firefighter Mom Shirt


Making a commitment to a firefighter means making sure you're there to support them through whatever. This firefighter shirt of love will make your loved one feel like they're on top of the world. (Instead of a ladder...)

Get the Firefighter Mom Shirt on

4. Hose Before Bros

Where The Hose At? Shirt


The tools of the firefighting trade are easily digestible: Hat, pole, and hose. Oh, and the fire truck. Amuse the other officers in your unit with this funny firefighter shirt - they'll love it!

Get the Where The Hose At? Shirt on

5. Too Hot to Handle

Firefighter Love Shirt


Didn't we tell you firefighters' other halves were hot? So hot you come with your own, and this firefighter shirt really works wonders when they're there on your arm. In or out of uniform doesn't matter. All that matters is you're with them.

Get the Firefighter Love Shirt on

6. It Sucks to be a Firefighter

I'm So Hot I Come with My Own Firefighter Shirt


All of the things you could have been and you chose to be a firefighter. All of that sexiness has to get tiring at some point, right? No? Okay, away with your bad and sexy selves. Pro-tip: Firefighters in firefighter shirts are even sexier.

Get the I'm So Hot I Come with My Own Firefighter Shirt on

7. Trust These Firefighter Shirts

 I Hate Being Sexy But I'm a Firefighter Shirt


You'd be remiss not to trust a firefighter shirt that says "trust me, I'm a firefighter" on it. Civs have to trust firefighters because you're out there risking your lives to save us. And those cats you've rescued from trees are people too!

Get the I Hate Being Sexy But I'm a Firefighter Shirt on

8. Firefighter Dads FTW

Firefighter By Day World's Best Dad By Night Shirt


If your dad is a firefighter, you're one of the luckiest kids around. Not only is he a hero, but when you go to the station with him, you get to try out the pole at the fire station. Lucky doesn't come into it.

Get the Firefighter By Day World's Best Dad By Night Shirt on

9. In This Order

Husband Daddy Firefighter Hero Shirt


A firefighter can be a lot of things and some can be all of them at once. If the firefighter in your life checks all of these boxes, don't hesitate in getting them a firefighter shirt like this to show it off. They'll thank you.

Get the Husband Daddy Firefighter Hero Shirt on

10. Any Arguments?

I Am Firefighter Shirt


It's a waste of time to argue with someone who thinks they're right all the time. If you take "think" out of that situation, you'll find that firefighters tend to be right most of the time. It's just how it is. Ask any one of them.

Get the I Am Firefighter Shirt on

11. Straight Talking Firefighters are the Best

Firefighter My Job Is To Save Your Ass Not Kiss It Shirt


You want to keep them around. Get them one of these firefighter shirts that saves them from having to respond to ass-kissers without actually having to respond. Again, they'll thank you, and they might let you press the button for the siren.

Get the Firefighter My Job Is To Save Your Ass Not Kiss It Shirt on

Firefighters are responsible for saving lives. If there's a job half as cool - that isn't a nurse, a doctor, or a cop - then we'd like to hear it because we simply can't think of one.

Having a firefighter in the family or extended family is a source of pride.
It's time they had some firefighter shirts to show them how much you respect them. (And maybe they'll let you wear their helmets, too).


12 CNA Shirts for the Life Saving Badasses in Your Life

12 CNA Shirts for the Life Saving Badasses in Your Life

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Where would we be if not for nurses?

Sure, doctors and surgeons are the ones who get all of the credit. They can go inside of us, snip some things, put them back together, and then save us from the brink of death, but nurses are committed to caring for us in the long term.

So I ask you again: Where would we be if not for nurses?

Clinical nurses, thank you for doing YOU. You keep the hospital together. Here are 12 CNA shirts to keep you company on those long nights of filling out chart after chart.

1. The Checklist

Eat Sleep Clinicals Nurse Shirt


Don't let anyone ever tell you that any other profession is as exhausting as learning to be a clinical nurse. Wear one of these CNA shirts and they'll either question if you do all of that or be surprised you do! Well done on always being so calm.

Get the Eat Sleep Clinicals Nurse Shirt on

2. The Key Word is Almost

Keep Calm I'm (Almost) A Nurse Shirt


Keep calm everyone, there's a clinical nurse in the building! Or... there will be after they're done with school which they'll sign off on, is always kicking their butts. It's safer to have a nurse-in-training around than no one.

Get the Keep Calm I'm (Almost) A Nurse Shirt on

3. Nurse Squad

Nurse Squad Shirt


Buckle up, patients and clinicians, the Nurse Squad is here and they're here to save your bacon! They're also in these fabulous, matching CNA shirts, which is kind of like their secondary uniform. After scrubs. Scrubs always come first. You can't destroy this beauty.

Get the Nurse Squad Shirt on

4. Resting Nurse Face

Resting Nurse Face Shirt


They're not sleeping, they're just resting their eyes. Wouldn't it be amazing if one of the big technology firms invented a way to be able to do your nursing work in your sleep? Nursing school would be so much easier...

Get the Resting Nurse Face Shirt on

5. I Also Heart CNA Shirts

I Heart Nursing Shirt


Step up your schmoozing game by giving your clinical nurse friend or partner the CNA shirt of their dreams. Hearts are romantic and all, but nurses know just how unreal Valentine's hearts look. They much prefer anatomical hearts. Why? 'Cause they're awesome, obvs.

Get the I Heart Nursing Shirt on

6. Hogwarts Missed Out


Hogwarts Wasn't Hiring So I Heal Muggles Instead Shirt


Are you a nurse who also loves Harry Potter? Is the nurse in your life the biggest fan of the JK Rowling phenomenon? Then you or they're gonna love CNA shirts like this one. A fun mix of fandom and reality. Just remember, wizards can fix themselves.

Get the Hogwarts Wasn't Hiring So I Heal Muggles Instead Shirt on

7. Them's the Breaks

 Cute Enough To Stop Your Heart Shirt


If your heart is broken, look no further than the beautiful nurse at the end of your bed. Not only can she ease the pain with a smile (and prescription medication) but she can literally restart your heart if it's so sad it simply stops beating.

Get the Cute Enough To Stop Your Heart Shirt on

8. Night Nurses Rule

 Sleep All Day Nurse All Night Shirt


Once your sleep schedule is adapted to working the graveyard shift, you start to wonder how anyone can work during the day. Sleep is as amazing during the day as it is at night. Wearing this CNA shirt could even earn you a free supper or coffee.

Get the Sleep All Day Nurse All Night Shirt on

9. Heck, ALL Nurses Rule

CNA Shirt


Period. If you're a nurse and feel secondary to doctors or even patients, don't. It's easy to but you are so worthy, and you should get to wear medical symbols with pride. Show 'em all who's boss in this classy af CNA shirt.

Get the CNA Shirt on

10. The Nurse's Secret

Coffee Scrubs & Rubber Gloves Shirt


When you're asked what your secret is to looking refreshed and alive at all times, however much you're not sleeping. Use this CNA shirt to explain. Coffee is your life force, scrubs make your body look good, and rubber gloves are... annoying - but disposable!

Get the Coffee Scrubs & Rubber Gloves Shirt on

11.  Life Changing Ain't Easy

CNA Changing Lives One Brief At A Time Shirt


Nor is life-saving, both of which clinical nurses do. Congratulations for being awesome! If only more of us were nurses, the world would be a more chilled out place. Ask your friends if they've ever seen anyone as chilled out as a nurse.

Get the CNA Changing Lives One Brief At A Time Shirt on

12. Some Angels Have Wings

CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Shirt


Others have scrubs and charts. When you're sick in the hospital and wake up to a friendly nurse checking your vitals, it takes the edge off being in a hospital. Because they're angels. And they should all know it, so buy one of these CNA shirts for them so that they do.

Get the CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Shirt on

Everyone should love nurses, including nurses.

What I suggest is starting a revolution where all the medical shows on TV are about nurses.

Can I get a show of hands? (Yours, too, nurses).

Being a nurse is a hard-yet-rewarding job, they deserve all the presents and cool CNA shirts that are out there. It's time we gave it all to them as a way of thanks.

9 Lovely Just Married Shirts for the Perfect Couple

9 Lovely Just Married Shirts for the Perfect Couple

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

When you're just married, you're in the perpetual honeymoon phase for a while.

This is awesome because no matter what either of you wears, you'll still feel that post-wedding bliss without having to fit into your wedding clothes.

Being newlyweds is amazing. It's a testament to your staying power, patients, and I guess love, too.

Now you're happily wedded, you can wear all the just married shirts your wedding parties got you without irony!

Wearing them will garner you so many congratulations, you'll barely even realize the wedding is over.

Sound good? If I were just married, I'd think so.

So, without further ado, oTZI brings you some of the best just married shirts on the interwebs.

1. Simply Stated

Just Married Couple Shirt


Wear rings on your just married shirts as well as your fingers. You've gone through so much to get to this point that it's time you got some congratulations. Or, rather, got more congratulations outside of the big day. This is for life, after all. You'll need 'em.

Get the Just Married Couple Shirt on

2. Established Roles

Under New Management Shirt Funny Just Married Shirt


This funny just married shirt is one that buddies should get the Groom before the big day. No matter how much we're able to stray away from gender roles, the idea of a bossy wife will always be there. (And sometimes, she'll fully admit it.)

Get the Under New Management Shirt Funny Just Married Shirt on

3. Honeymoon Vibes

Honeymoon Vibes Shirt


If only they could last forever, huh? They might not but there are just married shirts (like this one) that can. When you're having a spousal in the future, you can wear this and remember your honeymoon - and then realize you bugged each other then, too!

Get the Honey Moon Vibes Shirt on

4. This Guy Got Married

This Guy Just Got Married Shirt


If you couldn't tell by the flustered color in his cheeks or the ring on his finger, this is a just married shirt that will spell it out. It's a long road ahead, this marriage business. Maybe she'll let you go out with your buddies in this.

Get the This Guy Just Got Married Shirt on

5. Mr. and Mrs. Just Married Shirts

Mr and Mrs Shirts


Bow down everybody, there are newlyweds coming through in matching Just Married shirts. These shirts are softer than the love you two share for one another! They also feel amazing when you wear them on the first day of your honeymoon.

Get the Mr and Mrs Shirts on

6. Evolution of the Groom

Boyfriend Fiance Husband Shirt


You were once a boyfriend, then became a fiancé, and now, you're the husband. It's a path many have taken before you and some haven't lived to see the tale, but you have. Congratulate yourself! You've got the life so many other people want.

Get the Boyfriend Fiance Husband Shirt on

8. Hubby and Wifey Forever

Hubby and Wifey Shirts


Matching just married shirts for an adorable couple? You bet we've found more than just one pair. There's no combo like a married couple combo. You guys have a connection with each other like nobody else has - it makes sense you'd have shirts too!

Get the Hubby and Wifey Shirts on

9. The Evolution of the Bride

Girlfriend Fiancée Wife Shirt


It's time you showed your friends just who wears the pants in your relationship. Hubby may think he does or maybe he knows better, but you've clearly got this covered! You've beaten the girlfriend and fiancée levels to get to this point, damn it!

Get the Girlfriend Fiancée Wife Shirt on

Marriage is a serious step, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have to be funny.

Joke about your own wedding or just celebrate it with any one of these just married shirts that were created for that feeling.

And who knows, maybe you'll be able to pass them on to your future kids like they used to do with wedding dresses before us Millennials were adults!

Congratulations, kids. You did it.

11 Hilarious Drinking Shirts for Beer Lovers & Wine Drinkers

11 Hilarious Drinking Shirts for Beer Lovers & Wine Drinkers

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Drinking never gets old. There are so many opportunities where a beer or a wine is maybe too good of an idea, but regardless of your head the next morning, fun times are usually to be had.

Beer-drinkers and wine-drinkers seem to be of different realms. Country-wise, England and Germany would be beer where France and Italy would be wine.

And then some of us, well, some of us will drink whatever is put in front of us by our friends. Because we trust them.

Here are some hilarious drinking shirts for the next time you and your friends go out!

1. Good Question

Are You Drunk? Shirt


See, if this was me filling out the form on one of these drinking shirts, I'd probably draw out of the box for the statement. Feel free to use that explanation(/excuse) too! At the worst, the challenger will buy you another drink to prove it.

Get the Are You Drunk? Shirt on

2. Call if You Remember

Alcohol You Later Shirt


Depending on how big the hangover is, this funny drinking shirt can be a reality when you wake up with a splitting headache, screaming at the heavens to ask why. But you did promise. The shirt itself surely shows that.

Get the Alcohol You Later Shirt on

3. Shut Up, Liver

Shut Up Liver You're Fine Shirt


Who asked you to talk? That's mouth's job, and mouth doesn't feel all too dry this morning. Let it do the talking. The liver has a lot to say to us when we've been drinking. That's why we feel so bad after it. Damn it, let us live(r)!

Get the Shut Up Liver You're Fine Shirt on

4. Real Spirit Animals

Whiskey Is My Spirit Animal Shirt


Get it? Get it? Of all the drinking shirts we'll have on this list, this one is the one that was custom made for dads everywhere. Big dads, small dads, all dads! In fact, the joke is so bad that even dads who don't drink will want it!

Get the Whiskey Is My Spirit Animal Shirt on

5. Get Loaded in Drinking Shirts!

Getting Drunk, Loading Shirt


Of all the slang terms there are for drinking the world over, one has to stop and wonder where they all came from. I sort of wish loaded actually came from a video game like this. Like you'd know when you'd hit the sweet spot.

Get the Getting Drunk, Loading Shirt on

6. Winner of the Drink Olympics

USA Drinking Team Shirt


What an honor it would be for the beer-lover in your life to earn a spot on the USA drinking team. Drinking is not for the weak of mind or heart. One must practice to drink professionally.

Get the USA Drinking Team Shirt on

7. Teach them Early

 Daddy's Drinking Buddy Toddler Shirt


It's totally fine to have your babies around a little alcohol. You can drink your beer, watch the game, and hold your son or daughter all at the same time. Just don't accidentally give them a Bud instead of their bottle...

Get the Daddy's Drinking Buddy Toddler Shirt on

8. The Best Superpower

I Make Beer Disappear Shirt


Flying, invisibility, and telekinesis have nothing on a good session of day-drinking in front of the game. Maybe you didn't realize you had a superpower or just thought everyone did. We're here to tell you and your drinking shirt that you 100% (proof) do.

Get the I Make Beer Disappear Shirt on

9. Fix the Water Crisis

Save Water Drink Beer Shirt


Water is an important commodity and, jokes aside, it's disgusting that there are places in the first world that don't have clean or safe water. Maybe if we exchange our water with beer, everything will start to even out?

Get the Save Water Drink Beer Shirt on

10. Abs Are Overrated

I Just Want Absolutely Drink All The Beer Shirt


Absolut, however, is not. It's also totally possible to maintain abs and have a few drinks at the weekend while you're watching sports or having drinks with friends. Not because it doesn't affect you, but the weight goes to your belly. Yay!

Get the I Just Want Absolutely Drink All The Beer Shirt on

11.  Drinkslexia is a Thing

I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings Shirt


If you didn't know it before, you do now, and you can get a drinking shirt to show for it. Sometimes words get jumbled and if you've had the right amount of beer, it's funny rather than embarrassing. Two bottles usually do the trick.

Get the I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings Shirt on

For all the chaos a bad night of drinking can cause for the morning, that problem is someone else's. (You, then).

Don't miss out on the fun you can have. Buy your friends rounds and have them buy you them and it'll turn it into a fun activity.

And you don't always have to get a hangover!

Just give one of these drinking shirts a try and see how you feel about life. Then u can have a third beer.