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12 CNA Shirts for the Life Saving Badasses in Your Life

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Where would we be if not for nurses?

Sure, doctors and surgeons are the ones who get all of the credit. They can go inside of us, snip some things, put them back together, and then save us from the brink of death, but nurses are committed to caring for us in the long term.

So I ask you again: Where would we be if not for nurses?

Clinical nurses, thank you for doing YOU. You keep the hospital together. Here are 12 CNA shirts to keep you company on those long nights of filling out chart after chart.

1. The Checklist

Eat Sleep Clinicals Nurse Shirt


Don't let anyone ever tell you that any other profession is as exhausting as learning to be a clinical nurse. Wear one of these CNA shirts and they'll either question if you do all of that or be surprised you do! Well done on always being so calm.

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2. The Key Word is Almost

Keep Calm I'm (Almost) A Nurse Shirt


Keep calm everyone, there's a clinical nurse in the building! Or... there will be after they're done with school which they'll sign off on, is always kicking their butts. It's safer to have a nurse-in-training around than no one.

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3. Nurse Squad

Nurse Squad Shirt


Buckle up, patients and clinicians, the Nurse Squad is here and they're here to save your bacon! They're also in these fabulous, matching CNA shirts, which is kind of like their secondary uniform. After scrubs. Scrubs always come first. You can't destroy this beauty.

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4. Resting Nurse Face

Resting Nurse Face Shirt


They're not sleeping, they're just resting their eyes. Wouldn't it be amazing if one of the big technology firms invented a way to be able to do your nursing work in your sleep? Nursing school would be so much easier...

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5. I Also Heart CNA Shirts

I Heart Nursing Shirt


Step up your schmoozing game by giving your clinical nurse friend or partner the CNA shirt of their dreams. Hearts are romantic and all, but nurses know just how unreal Valentine's hearts look. They much prefer anatomical hearts. Why? 'Cause they're awesome, obvs.

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6. Hogwarts Missed Out


Hogwarts Wasn't Hiring So I Heal Muggles Instead Shirt


Are you a nurse who also loves Harry Potter? Is the nurse in your life the biggest fan of the JK Rowling phenomenon? Then you or they're gonna love CNA shirts like this one. A fun mix of fandom and reality. Just remember, wizards can fix themselves.

Get the Hogwarts Wasn't Hiring So I Heal Muggles Instead Shirt on

7. Them's the Breaks

 Cute Enough To Stop Your Heart Shirt


If your heart is broken, look no further than the beautiful nurse at the end of your bed. Not only can she ease the pain with a smile (and prescription medication) but she can literally restart your heart if it's so sad it simply stops beating.

Get the Cute Enough To Stop Your Heart Shirt on

8. Night Nurses Rule

 Sleep All Day Nurse All Night Shirt


Once your sleep schedule is adapted to working the graveyard shift, you start to wonder how anyone can work during the day. Sleep is as amazing during the day as it is at night. Wearing this CNA shirt could even earn you a free supper or coffee.

Get the Sleep All Day Nurse All Night Shirt on

9. Heck, ALL Nurses Rule

CNA Shirt


Period. If you're a nurse and feel secondary to doctors or even patients, don't. It's easy to but you are so worthy, and you should get to wear medical symbols with pride. Show 'em all who's boss in this classy af CNA shirt.

Get the CNA Shirt on

10. The Nurse's Secret

Coffee Scrubs & Rubber Gloves Shirt


When you're asked what your secret is to looking refreshed and alive at all times, however much you're not sleeping. Use this CNA shirt to explain. Coffee is your life force, scrubs make your body look good, and rubber gloves are... annoying - but disposable!

Get the Coffee Scrubs & Rubber Gloves Shirt on

11.  Life Changing Ain't Easy

CNA Changing Lives One Brief At A Time Shirt


Nor is life-saving, both of which clinical nurses do. Congratulations for being awesome! If only more of us were nurses, the world would be a more chilled out place. Ask your friends if they've ever seen anyone as chilled out as a nurse.

Get the CNA Changing Lives One Brief At A Time Shirt on

12. Some Angels Have Wings

CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Shirt


Others have scrubs and charts. When you're sick in the hospital and wake up to a friendly nurse checking your vitals, it takes the edge off being in a hospital. Because they're angels. And they should all know it, so buy one of these CNA shirts for them so that they do.

Get the CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Shirt on

Everyone should love nurses, including nurses.

What I suggest is starting a revolution where all the medical shows on TV are about nurses.

Can I get a show of hands? (Yours, too, nurses).

Being a nurse is a hard-yet-rewarding job, they deserve all the presents and cool CNA shirts that are out there. It's time we gave it all to them as a way of thanks.

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