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11 Sizzling Firefighter Shirts That Are Too Hot to Handle

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What's it like to be a hero, do you think?

If firefighters were asked, they'd likely reply they don't know. They're wrong, but they're legitimately humble and that's such a good thing.

There are jokes about firefighters rescuing cats or going all out to, but they shouldn't be jokes. Firefighters value all lives before their own. Hence, their hero status.

(Don't argue, firefighters. We'll just argue back!)

If you know someone who just can't admit to being a hero, get them one of these totally deserved firefighter shirts and look out for their smile.

1. For the Firefighter Wife

Firefighter Wife Shirt


If firefighters are attracted to hot things, then it goes without saying that their wives are gonna be so much hotter than the warmest fire. This firefighter shirt goes out to all the wives who keep their firefighter beaus grounded. Thank you for your service!

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2. Firefighter Manifesto

Blood, Sweat and Tears Shirt


It takes more than blood, sweat, and tears to be a good firefighter. As per these firefighter shirts, it takes giving up everything you hold dear to adhere to the firefighting way of life. When you know what a firefighter does, you know superheroes are 100% real.

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3. Love is a Fire Letter Word

Firefighter Mom Shirt


Making a commitment to a firefighter means making sure you're there to support them through whatever. This firefighter shirt of love will make your loved one feel like they're on top of the world. (Instead of a ladder...)

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4. Hose Before Bros

Where The Hose At? Shirt


The tools of the firefighting trade are easily digestible: Hat, pole, and hose. Oh, and the fire truck. Amuse the other officers in your unit with this funny firefighter shirt - they'll love it!

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5. Too Hot to Handle

Firefighter Love Shirt


Didn't we tell you firefighters' other halves were hot? So hot you come with your own, and this firefighter shirt really works wonders when they're there on your arm. In or out of uniform doesn't matter. All that matters is you're with them.

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6. It Sucks to be a Firefighter

I'm So Hot I Come with My Own Firefighter Shirt


All of the things you could have been and you chose to be a firefighter. All of that sexiness has to get tiring at some point, right? No? Okay, away with your bad and sexy selves. Pro-tip: Firefighters in firefighter shirts are even sexier.

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7. Trust These Firefighter Shirts

 I Hate Being Sexy But I'm a Firefighter Shirt


You'd be remiss not to trust a firefighter shirt that says "trust me, I'm a firefighter" on it. Civs have to trust firefighters because you're out there risking your lives to save us. And those cats you've rescued from trees are people too!

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8. Firefighter Dads FTW

Firefighter By Day World's Best Dad By Night Shirt


If your dad is a firefighter, you're one of the luckiest kids around. Not only is he a hero, but when you go to the station with him, you get to try out the pole at the fire station. Lucky doesn't come into it.

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9. In This Order

Husband Daddy Firefighter Hero Shirt


A firefighter can be a lot of things and some can be all of them at once. If the firefighter in your life checks all of these boxes, don't hesitate in getting them a firefighter shirt like this to show it off. They'll thank you.

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10. Any Arguments?

I Am Firefighter Shirt


It's a waste of time to argue with someone who thinks they're right all the time. If you take "think" out of that situation, you'll find that firefighters tend to be right most of the time. It's just how it is. Ask any one of them.

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11. Straight Talking Firefighters are the Best

Firefighter My Job Is To Save Your Ass Not Kiss It Shirt


You want to keep them around. Get them one of these firefighter shirts that saves them from having to respond to ass-kissers without actually having to respond. Again, they'll thank you, and they might let you press the button for the siren.

Get the Firefighter My Job Is To Save Your Ass Not Kiss It Shirt on

Firefighters are responsible for saving lives. If there's a job half as cool - that isn't a nurse, a doctor, or a cop - then we'd like to hear it because we simply can't think of one.

Having a firefighter in the family or extended family is a source of pride.
It's time they had some firefighter shirts to show them how much you respect them. (And maybe they'll let you wear their helmets, too).


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