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11 Hilarious Drinking Shirts for Beer Lovers & Wine Drinkers

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Drinking never gets old. There are so many opportunities where a beer or a wine is maybe too good of an idea, but regardless of your head the next morning, fun times are usually to be had.

Beer-drinkers and wine-drinkers seem to be of different realms. Country-wise, England and Germany would be beer where France and Italy would be wine.

And then some of us, well, some of us will drink whatever is put in front of us by our friends. Because we trust them.

Here are some hilarious drinking shirts for the next time you and your friends go out!

1. Good Question

Are You Drunk? Shirt


See, if this was me filling out the form on one of these drinking shirts, I'd probably draw out of the box for the statement. Feel free to use that explanation(/excuse) too! At the worst, the challenger will buy you another drink to prove it.

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2. Call if You Remember

Alcohol You Later Shirt


Depending on how big the hangover is, this funny drinking shirt can be a reality when you wake up with a splitting headache, screaming at the heavens to ask why. But you did promise. The shirt itself surely shows that.

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3. Shut Up, Liver

Shut Up Liver You're Fine Shirt


Who asked you to talk? That's mouth's job, and mouth doesn't feel all too dry this morning. Let it do the talking. The liver has a lot to say to us when we've been drinking. That's why we feel so bad after it. Damn it, let us live(r)!

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4. Real Spirit Animals

Whiskey Is My Spirit Animal Shirt


Get it? Get it? Of all the drinking shirts we'll have on this list, this one is the one that was custom made for dads everywhere. Big dads, small dads, all dads! In fact, the joke is so bad that even dads who don't drink will want it!

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5. Get Loaded in Drinking Shirts!

Getting Drunk, Loading Shirt


Of all the slang terms there are for drinking the world over, one has to stop and wonder where they all came from. I sort of wish loaded actually came from a video game like this. Like you'd know when you'd hit the sweet spot.

Get the Getting Drunk, Loading Shirt on

6. Winner of the Drink Olympics

USA Drinking Team Shirt


What an honor it would be for the beer-lover in your life to earn a spot on the USA drinking team. Drinking is not for the weak of mind or heart. One must practice to drink professionally.

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7. Teach them Early

 Daddy's Drinking Buddy Toddler Shirt


It's totally fine to have your babies around a little alcohol. You can drink your beer, watch the game, and hold your son or daughter all at the same time. Just don't accidentally give them a Bud instead of their bottle...

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8. The Best Superpower

I Make Beer Disappear Shirt


Flying, invisibility, and telekinesis have nothing on a good session of day-drinking in front of the game. Maybe you didn't realize you had a superpower or just thought everyone did. We're here to tell you and your drinking shirt that you 100% (proof) do.

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9. Fix the Water Crisis

Save Water Drink Beer Shirt


Water is an important commodity and, jokes aside, it's disgusting that there are places in the first world that don't have clean or safe water. Maybe if we exchange our water with beer, everything will start to even out?

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10. Abs Are Overrated

I Just Want Absolutely Drink All The Beer Shirt


Absolut, however, is not. It's also totally possible to maintain abs and have a few drinks at the weekend while you're watching sports or having drinks with friends. Not because it doesn't affect you, but the weight goes to your belly. Yay!

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11.  Drinkslexia is a Thing

I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings Shirt


If you didn't know it before, you do now, and you can get a drinking shirt to show for it. Sometimes words get jumbled and if you've had the right amount of beer, it's funny rather than embarrassing. Two bottles usually do the trick.

Get the I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings Shirt on

For all the chaos a bad night of drinking can cause for the morning, that problem is someone else's. (You, then).

Don't miss out on the fun you can have. Buy your friends rounds and have them buy you them and it'll turn it into a fun activity.

And you don't always have to get a hangover!

Just give one of these drinking shirts a try and see how you feel about life. Then u can have a third beer.

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