Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party


Congrats! He finally put a ring on it and your wedding day is right around the corner! After the months of stressing, your special day is about to arrive. What better way to celebrate it by spending a night out with your girls? You'll have lots of fun! Your bachelorette party will probably have the usual trimmings-- booze, an extra hot male stripper, some fun and naughty games, and the company of your best girls! Maybe you're even planning of an extension by having a spa day after all the drinking and laughs? No matter what you're planning, it's bound to prepare you well enough for married life.

Your last night of fun as a single lady doesn't have to be boring. You deserve to have the time of your life after you've almost have a breakdown from all the wedding planning. Think of your bachelorette party as one of the perks that you totally have to have!

Because we believe that a bachelorette party is not a real party unless you and your girls are coordinated, we've created a specially-designed collection for brides to be, their family, and their whole crew. We wouldn't want you girls to have a party with a boring dress code. Nope. At Otzi Shirts, we want you and the gang to have special shirts for that special day. That's why we created a Bachelorette Party Shirts Collection!

Is your crew more low key when it comes to partying together? Get the "Bachelorette Party" shirt for everyone. So when you step into the club, everybody knows that you girls mean business and you're there to partayyy! And because we know girls could get a bit picky with their outfits, the design is available in three different kinds of shirts: A T-shirt, a tank top, and a fitted shirt! You're welcome.

Or maybe you and your girls are planning on getting a little tipsy? Then each member of the crew should have their own "Champagne Campaign" shirt, fitted shirt, or tank top! You're on a mission, and that mission is to have some (or lots of) champagne. Sure, you'd all be giggling uncontrollably at the end of the night, but at least you've managed to fulfill your goal! What's even more amazing with this design is that you and the girls don't have to be at a bachelorette party to wear this as a crew. Yep. Even when you're just thirsty for some champagne, you can wear it!

You're the bride and it's your special night. Maybe you'd want a special Bachelorette Party Shirt for yourself, yes? Then we got the "Buy Me A Shot I'm Tying The Knot" print available on a t-shirt, a fitted shirt, and a tank top just for you! Drinks will definitely flow during your party if you wear this shirt. People will be buying you shots from all directions to congratulate you on your upcoming nuptials.

So, to the future missus, make the most out of your last night as a single lady and grab a Bachelorette Party Shirt for yourself and your crew! We promise that you'll make others jealous and reach #SquadGoals thanks to one of our shirts.