21st Birthday

21st Birthday


When you're finally legal to drink in all countries where it's legal, you gotta have the perfect 21st birthday shirt to wear while you're downing shots. It's a time for celebration, so make damn sure that it won't be boring as hell. You're no longer a dry person and you can finally experience this thing they call "hangovers" when you wake up the next day. And trust us, hangovers are NEVER fun no matter how epic the night before is. But hey, who the hell cares. What matters right now is planning a perfect birthday that can finally let you have a taste of all the best alcohol the bars have to offer.

Imagine turning 21 and not even experience a drop of tequila on your tongue. You can stop drinking after your first hangover, but you really have to have some alcohol in your system. Turning 21 is a rite of passage. If someone offers you a shot, you drink that shot and all the shots that come after the first one. 

We can't just let you run around on your special day without an epic 21st birthday shirt to celebrate it! You know we always got your back. So we came up with some of the best and most epic designs to show people that you're the star and you're finally ready to party! And also, your screams of "Shots! Shots!" finally have real meaning to it.

We bet you're looking forward to turning 21, so we got the "I Got The 21st Thirst" shirt that you can wear for your first trip to the bar with your pals. People will immediately know that you're finally legal and will most definitely want to celebrate with you. What's better than drinks on your birthday? Free drinks from people who want to congratulate you for turning a year older. You can thank us late for all the free stuff you'll be getting when you wear this shirt.

If you're a bad ass rule breaker, then maybe consider getting the "Finally 21" shirt and give your pals a good laugh. Let's all admit to the fact that some of us are just more hardcore at age 15 than most people. There's something so thrilling about doing something you're not supposed to do. But don't let that ruin your 21st birthday celebrations! It's so much better to drink when you can finally proudly show a non-fake ID to the bartender when ordering. Just don't show your parents this shirt if you don't want to be disowned.

For the ladies who are finally legal to drink and want to shout it to the world, the "21 And Hot Buy Me A Shot" shirt is the one for you. It's also great to wear when you're a bit short on cash to actually go all out. So go ahead, celebrate and and have a good time.

Don't worry about not having an epic 21st birthday shirt to wear, we got you. Just don't blame us for the hangover. That's one thing we can't help with.

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