Bench Press

Bench Press


Hey, we all know that you need some pretty special bench press shirts the next time you go to the gym. You're finally lifting, bro! And you just need to show the world that you no longer get intimidated whenever you see a bench press waiting for you. You're finally one of those people. Sure, it's not exactly an exclusive club, but doesn't it feel good to belong to an elite race of people with nice arms? Some of you guys may not be a fan of leg day, but at least they can bench press 300.

And of course, you're also a firm believer in the saying "It's only difficult at the start" because everything is a cake to you now. Your arms are more toned than a pro wrestler's. Also, you can finally yell, "Welcome to the gun show!" while flexing those wonderful biceps of yours.

Because we're awestruck at how amazing your arms look, we've designed some equally amazing bench press shirts that can totally show off your passion for being fit. And don't worry, these shirts would definitely showcase all the hard work you've done for that body of yours. Yes, we know you can't simply hide the body of a Greek god, so our sizes are perfect for you!

If we've predicted things correctly and you're going to show off your guns, consider grabbing our "Obama Can't Take These Guns" shirt for some light political humor alongside your pride for your arms. They're practically the only guns that you can legally own without being considered a threat to the public. Also, remember that you have the right to bear arms-- and this is more of a literal meaning considering that well, your arms can be pretty dangerous especially after all those bench presses you've done at the gym.

Wearing the "Hustle For The Muscle" shirt can definitely earn you a few high fives from the other gym rats at your fave place. You can finally answer them when they ask you the famous question, "Do you even lift, bro?" Hey, maybe a few more months (okay, probably years) with sharpening your bench pressing skills and you can finally be the best lifter at the gym. 

Gone are the days when you'd think you're so out of shape. Be proud of your hard work at the gym with the "Sweat Is Fat Crying" Shirt. That's right. Your sweat is more hardcore now that you're putting more bench presses. Remember the days when you still thought having fat on your body meant that there's more of you to love? You don't need that kind of negativity when you're now all healthy and fit because of lifting. Congratulations, you just made your body fat cry and you have something to show for it.

Our awesome collection of bench press shirts is perfect for your next workout session. You don't need plain, bland workout clothes when you can easily make a statement!