10 Sunny California Shirts 100% Guaranteed to Brighten Your Life

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California is the most well-known state next to New York. It's known for its beaches, its beautiful people, Hollywood, and San Francisco.

(Let's not forget Disney!)

Californians love their state even more than its tourists! That is—spoiler alert—a HECK of a lot.

Californians love their state so much because there is so much more to it than just those things.

There is literally nothing about California that isn't totally amazing. It has mountains, it has canyons, and forests of towering redwoods!

Take a look at these California shirts. Who knows! You might see one you love as much as Cali itself.

1. California is Beary Rad

California Republic Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

The state flag on this California shirt is so recognizable all around the world. You gotta ask whether or not they know you guys actually have Grizzlies there. Then, you get to brag that you've seen one. (Whether you have or not...)

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2. You're Not Seeing Four of It!

California California Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

Doesn't this California t-shirt just take you back to the days of Dogtown and the beach? Man. (Or, like, watching Lords of Dogtown and then moving out to Cali because why wouldn't you?)

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3. Our Beautiful Liberal State

California State Map Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

Not to mention the most liberal in the country. California is the best, so much the best that even some of our Republicans are liberal! Tell me where else that happens. Nowhere, that's where. It's gotta be all that sand, man.

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4. Welcome to the Republic of California

California State Flag Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

It's been such a lovely day. Like every day, because Californians don't have to wear sweaters at Christmastime. If the Eagles were singing about the state of California, they would be wearing these California shirts on stage.

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5. Cali is Less Sugary Than Coke

Cali Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

It is, however, 200% sweeter. When you wear this California shirt to a beach, everyone will know you're the go-to person to ask about how good it is. Only a Californian can pick out the world's best beaches. (Cause most are theirs).

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6. Surf's Up, Brah

Vintage California Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

Surf, sand, and sun; the three magical S-words that make California the most rad of states to be. This is one of the California shirts out there that best captures the totally awesome spirit of Cali. Wear it to work, the beach, or even to sleep!

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7. This California Shirt Hits a Home Run

California State Flag Baseball Jersey

Source: Amazon.com

Baseball tees are essential to anyone's wardrobe. Their sleeves keep you warm if it gets a little chilly at night while keeping the California t-shirt feel we know and love. If you Californians get any shirt this year, make it this one.

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8. Super-CALI-fragilistic!

California Bear State Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

Mary Poppins would die if she got to nanny in Cali. It's so much better than rainy old London! She could soar on her umbrella across San Fransisco Bay or sing to the birds at the San Diego Zoo. What's her loss is our gain.

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9. When California is Home

California Home Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

How about letting everyone out-of-state know you're from the best state in the land? This California shirt has you covered on all sides with its simplistic design that would look killer under the lightweight blazer you wear in the sun.

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10. Be the Bearer of Awesome Taste

California Bear Republic Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

Make your California memories count in a bold statement shirt that needs no introduction. Once you've been to California, you'll undoubtedly be in love with so many parts of it. Next time you visit, you can bring this back with you.

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Close your eyes and answer the following question:

What state do you picture when you hear the word "happy"?

If it isn't California, you either haven't been or haven't seen all of the wonderful things The Golden State has to offer. But that's cool. California will always be there for you, waiting, on its hot sands and bright pier.

Waiting, with California shirts that make you smile.

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