9 Matching Husband and Wife Shirts for Adorable Couples

9 Matching Husband and Wife Shirts for Adorable Couples

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

What's better than love? Sometimes, marriage can make you forget why you fell in love in the first place. What counts is that you remember that it doesn't go away.

Marriage is a choice not everyone is lucky to have, and so next time if your husband/wife gets on your nerves, it doesn't have to be the end of the world as we know it.

It's just a hitch and part of being married! What fun would getting along with each other all the time be?

To make the most of your union, try having matching husband and wife shirts. It'll be fun!

1. Avoid Confusion in Matching Shirts

Wifey and Hubby Shirts


Are you a husband whose wife has him by the balls? Or a wife that just has to sort everything out? It could be really funny if you guys were to get these matching husband and wife shirts. There is nothing that will better point out irony!

Get the Wifey and Hubby Shirts on

2. King and Queen of Hearts?

King & Queen Shirts


Look no further than husband and wife shirts that truly capture your relationship. It's time the king cleaned up in his part of the castle for a change, don't you think? These matching shirts are for the couple with a difference.

Get the King & Queen Shirts on

3. Heart Thieves

I Stole Her Heart, So I'm Stealing His Last Name Shirts


Steal each other's hearts, steal each other's names, steal the small stuff like deodorant and, if he's hipper than he looks, some of his eyeliner. When you're married, you share everything. What you don't have to share are these shirts.

Get the I Stole Her Heart, So I'm Stealing His Last Name Shirts on

4. Minimalist Husband and Wife Shirts

King and Queen Shirts


Maybe you guys aren't the kind of embellished couple who'd wear playing cards on your back. That doesn't have to stop you from becoming royalty. Since the third royal wedding of the century is coming up, these can also work for a party!

Get the King and Queen Shirts on

5. Never Forget an Anniversary Again

Mr. and Mrs. Shirts


It happens to the best of us. The longer you're together, the dates of what happened when ebb into the wayside. You've got this far and you're not about to stop now! What's more memorable? Your shirt or calendar?

Get the Mr. and Mrs. Shirts on

6. The Perfect Match

Wife and Husband Shirts


You've stayed married for as long as you have for a reason, and that reason has a lot to do with how compatible you are. Or how patient. Or both. You guys are the couple all your friends look up to. If only they knew...

Get the Wife and Husband Shirts on

7. Partners in Crime T-Shirts

Partners In Crime Shirts


If you think partners in crime describes your partnership better than any amount of royalty, this husband and wife shirt is one of a kind. Would you help to hide the evidence? Provide an alibi? This one is for you.

Get the Partners In Crime Shirts on

8. Honeymoon Vibes Last Forever

Honeymoon Vibes Shirts


There are times when you downright don't get along. These don't last, and they make the "in-between" Honeymoon weeks feel almost as good as your actual honeymoon. It will always come back if you love each other.

Get the Honeymoon Vibes Shirts on

9. A Maritime Marriage

She's My Sail, He's My Anchor Shirts


You guys don't have to be involved with ships to get these husband and wife shirts. All that matters is their message. If he keeps your feet on the ground and she keeps guiding you to shore these are the romantic shirts for you.

Get the She's My Sail, He's My Anchor Shirts on

Marriage is a choice and amazing but it can also be hard sometimes.
That's why we deserve something for sticking by our person.
Marriage is a journey and it's one that you take together, every step of the way... adorably matching husband and wife shirts.

10 Sunny California Shirts 100% Guaranteed to Brighten Your Life

10 Sunny California Shirts 100% Guaranteed to Brighten Your Life

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

California is the most well-known state next to New York. It's known for its beaches, its beautiful people, Hollywood, and San Francisco.

(Let's not forget Disney!)

Californians love their state even more than its tourists! That is—spoiler alert—a HECK of a lot.

Californians love their state so much because there is so much more to it than just those things.

There is literally nothing about California that isn't totally amazing. It has mountains, it has canyons, and forests of towering redwoods!

Take a look at these California shirts. Who knows! You might see one you love as much as Cali itself.

1. California is Beary Rad

California Republic Shirt


The state flag on this California shirt is so recognizable all around the world. You gotta ask whether or not they know you guys actually have Grizzlies there. Then, you get to brag that you've seen one. (Whether you have or not...)

Get the California Republic Shirt on

2. You're Not Seeing Four of It!

California California Shirt


Doesn't this California t-shirt just take you back to the days of Dogtown and the beach? Man. (Or, like, watching Lords of Dogtown and then moving out to Cali because why wouldn't you?)

Get the California California Shirt on

3. Our Beautiful Liberal State

California State Map Shirt


Not to mention the most liberal in the country. California is the best, so much the best that even some of our Republicans are liberal! Tell me where else that happens. Nowhere, that's where. It's gotta be all that sand, man.

Get the California State Map Shirt on

4. Welcome to the Republic of California

California State Flag Shirt


It's been such a lovely day. Like every day, because Californians don't have to wear sweaters at Christmastime. If the Eagles were singing about the state of California, they would be wearing these California shirts on stage.

Get the California State Flag Shirt on

5. Cali is Less Sugary Than Coke

Cali Shirt


It is, however, 200% sweeter. When you wear this California shirt to a beach, everyone will know you're the go-to person to ask about how good it is. Only a Californian can pick out the world's best beaches. (Cause most are theirs).

Get the Cali Shirt on

6. Surf's Up, Brah

Vintage California Shirt


Surf, sand, and sun; the three magical S-words that make California the most rad of states to be. This is one of the California shirts out there that best captures the totally awesome spirit of Cali. Wear it to work, the beach, or even to sleep!

Get the Vintage California Shirt on

7. This California Shirt Hits a Home Run

California State Flag Baseball Jersey


Baseball tees are essential to anyone's wardrobe. Their sleeves keep you warm if it gets a little chilly at night while keeping the California t-shirt feel we know and love. If you Californians get any shirt this year, make it this one.

Get the California State Flag Baseball Jersey on

8. Super-CALI-fragilistic!

California Bear State Shirt


Mary Poppins would die if she got to nanny in Cali. It's so much better than rainy old London! She could soar on her umbrella across San Fransisco Bay or sing to the birds at the San Diego Zoo. What's her loss is our gain.

Get the California Bear State Shirt on

9. When California is Home

California Home Shirt


How about letting everyone out-of-state know you're from the best state in the land? This California shirt has you covered on all sides with its simplistic design that would look killer under the lightweight blazer you wear in the sun.

Get the California Home Shirt on

10. Be the Bearer of Awesome Taste

California Bear Republic Shirt


Make your California memories count in a bold statement shirt that needs no introduction. Once you've been to California, you'll undoubtedly be in love with so many parts of it. Next time you visit, you can bring this back with you.

Get the California Bear Republic Shirt on

Close your eyes and answer the following question:

What state do you picture when you hear the word "happy"?

If it isn't California, you either haven't been or haven't seen all of the wonderful things The Golden State has to offer. But that's cool. California will always be there for you, waiting, on its hot sands and bright pier.

Waiting, with California shirts that make you smile.

10 Cool Colorado T-Shirts for Every Proud Coloradan

10 Cool Colorado T-Shirts for Every Proud Coloradan

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Colorado's former state motto was "Fresh Air and Fond Memories Served Daily", and that's exactly what one sees when they close their eyes and picture this beautiful, one-of-a-kind state!

We just love The Centennial State and all of its magnificent, natural beauty. Full of national forests and state parks, Colorado is also known for its skiing facilities, Pike's Peak, and the Rockies.

And, let's be real, Colorado is also known as the first state to legalize the recreational use of Marijuana.

I guess that's why they have the World's Highest Highway, am I right??

Jokes aside, if you are from Colorado or, understandably, are in total love with the state, we have some Colorado t-shirts that will make your day!

1. The Only Time Colorado Will be Distressed

Colorado State Flag Shirt


Coloradans are chill. Maybe it's the snow or the high altitude but it takes a lot to get Colorado-dwellers to stress themselves out. This distressed Colorado t-shirt is the only time you'll find the two linked up.

Get the Colorado State Flag Shirt on

2. Look At That Blue Aspen Sky

Colorado Flag Art Shirt


Colorado is full of nature lovers. Many who hike there will see brand new things all the time. One thing you will see for sure when you go to Colorado is the icy blue sky just like on this Colorado t-shirt.

Get the Colorado Flag Art Shirt on

3. Denver 'Cross This Colorado T-Shirt

Denver Cross Design Shirt


Colorado's capital and one of its best-known cities, Denver dates all the way back to the Old West. The days when cowboys were everywhere and it wasn't hard to get you a sasparilla! Colorado has always been awesome.

Get the Denver Cross Design Shirt on

4. Retro Colorado Chic

Retro Colorado Shirt


The origins of the name Colorado comes from the Spanish words for the color red. This is in reference to the color of its sediment-rich river! If you want a Colorado t-shirt that's light on the design, this is perfect for you.

Get the Retro Colorado Shirt on

5. The Boulder and the Beautiful

Retro Vibe Colorado Shirt


A great fit for anyone from Colorado Springs to Denver, this Colorado t-shirt was made with 80's kids in mind. It'll take you back to the good old days before you knew there was anywhere else. Talk about a waste of time!

Get the Retro Vibe Colorado Shirt on

6. Colorado My God, This is Cute!

Cute Colorado Shirt


Pastels and the Rockies? Sure doesn't get better than that from where we're sitting! We love these vintage-look tees the most because of what they inspire in us and they look super cute to boot.

Get the Cute Colorado Shirt on

7. Where Bigfoot Calls Home

Big Foot Colorado Shirt


Got a Coloradan conspiracy theorist in your life? Look no further than the Colorado t-shirt right here. There have been whisperings that Sasquatch has its vacation home near Pike's Peak. Mulder and Scully could not be reached for comment.

Get the Big Foot Colorado Shirt on

8. Colorado Loves You

Somebody in Colorado Loves Me Shirt


Ever walk into a bar and meet a rude Coloradan? We thought not! If you're in a long-distance relationship with someone and care to remind them how you feel. Whichever way the Colorado cookie crumbles for you is good by us.

Get the Somebody in Colorado Loves Me Shirt on

9. Colorado is Calling

Colorado Is Calling Shirt


One of The Clash's greatest hits--wait, what do you mean it was London? Oh. Well it should have been, so they should rewrite it. Get back to Colorado as soon as it calls. You do not want to ignore its texts.

Get the Colorado Is Calling Shirt on

10. The Brave, the Boulder, and the Free

Boulder Colorado Shirt


This Colorado t-shirt isn't free but the price is legitimately so good that it might as well be. Boulder-dwellers and lovers, this glorious tee was woven just for you. Show those Wyoming fellas what you're made of!

Get the Boulder Colorado Shirt on

Colorado is a state that never ever really leaves you, wherever your life takes you.

You could hike Machu Picchu or venture down the Amazon, but it's Colorado that will be in your soul.

You can take the guy or the gal out of Colorado, but you sure can't take Colorado out of them.

(Or them out of their awesome Colorado t-shirts).

10 Hallowed Maternity Halloween Shirts for Moms-to-Be

10 Hallowed Maternity Halloween Shirts for Moms-to-Be

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Who says that only the people who aren't carrying a human being around in their wombs can dress up and have an awesome time at Halloween?

Halloween is for everyone - and come on! What is more spooky than having another human being growing inside of your body? I'd rightly say that makes moms-to-be the most deserving of Halloween celebrations, wouldn't you?

These days, maternity wear isn't just the frumpy mumus of yesteryear, but instead, is just as hip and fashionable as regular clothes.

So, for mamas who really love Halloween (we don't blame you!) here are some maternity Halloween shirts to make pregnancy spooky in time for the fall!

1. Witch Maternity Halloween Shirt is Your Favorite?

Maternity Halloween Shirt


If it isn't this one, don't worry, we have a ton more for you. Stay tuned! This one ispretty great and awesome, though. Why wait for your little one to be born to get them all dressed up for Halloween? Start early!

Get the Maternity Halloween Shirt on

2. Bump-o-Lantern

Jack O' Lantern Shirt


Save yourself some carving time by bringing your Jack O'Lantern with you. When your baby is old enough and isn't kicking your guts from the inside, then you can make them carve the pumpkins. Until then, this maternity Halloween shirt will serve you well.

Get the Jack O'Lantern Shirt on

3. Trick or Mama!

Pumpkin Smuggler Shirt


Definitely mama, but for Halloween, you can dress your bump up in a maternity Halloween shirt that will tell everybody just what you're carrying. It isn't water weight. It's all of the rest of your Halloweens for the next 12 years.

Get the Pumpkin Smuggler Shirt on

4. Baby is All Wrapped Up

Funny Maternity Halloween Shirt


Baby already knows you're their number one, so this maternity Halloween shirt is just cutting out their future denial phase! Being pregnant is a wonderful experience, and being a mommy is just the frosting on the top of the sarcophagus.

Get the Funny Halloween Materniry Shirt on

5. When Baby Gets Sassy

I'm Dressed Up As My Mom Shirt


Baby already has a mind of their own; they have been developing it pretty much since the very beginning of their life here on earth. This maternity Halloween shirt is ideal for the strong-headed mama!

Get the I'm Dressed Up As My Mom Shirt on

6. Pitch-er This!

Halloween Baseball Shirt


Daddy's a fan of sports, so obviously he's not gonna let his firstborn be any different! Raising your baby on what you like is pretty much a foolproof way of creating the next Babe Ruth. Getting started in the womb is just smart.

Get the Halloween Baseball Shirt on

7. So That's What the Bump Is

I Eat Small Children Shirt


You're not bloated, you're just... carrying around your latest meal. If the meal kicks or is wriggly, I don't think you chewed it up well enough and they possibly will come out of you soon as a cute miniature you. Congratulations!

Get the I Eat Small Children Shirt on

8. Eye See You

Eyeball Shirt


This maternity Halloween t-shirt is a sight for sore eyes. Your baby will freak out literally everyone who comes to the door, which is awesome! Gives you time to sneakily slip some candy into their trick or treat sacks when they aren't looking.

Get the Eyeball Shirt on

9. Make Womb for Skelebaby

Skeleton Baby Maternity Shirt


Little does everyone know, this maternity Halloween shirt is just your latest X-Ray printed onto a t-shirt. That is exactly what your baby looks like and they are so ready to be out to spook everyone with mama. I mean, they are your baby!

Get the Skeleton Baby Halloween Shirt on

10. It's a Frankenbaby

Franken Baby Shirt


Maybe the best baby costume so far, as a mama you have a one up on Dr. Frankenstein: you made your own. He'll be rolling in his laboratory with how good you look and how good he doesn't. His loss, you have a baby on board!

Get the Frankenbaby Halloween Maternity Shirt on

Expecting a baby is such a wonderful and blessed time of life, but that doesn't mean you can't get all dressed up for Halloween.

If nothing else, this selection of amazingly funny and clever maternity Halloween shirts are a tribute to just that.

8 Babein' Bachelorette T-Shirts Perfect For ANY Bachelorette Party

8 Babein' Bachelorette T-Shirts Perfect For ANY Bachelorette Party

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

There is one thing better than your best girlfriend's wedding day and that is? HER BACHELORETTE PARTY.

Whether you're in charge of it or just along for the ride, making sure your girlfriend's last night of freedom is one to remember is an activity for pretty much everyone invited to the shenanigans!

It's best to share out responsibilities, too. That ensures there's less pressure on everyone and the truest fact in the world is that less pressure = more of a good time, and why the heck should the guys get all the fun?

This is a huge night for the bride-to-be and for your friendship group, and the best place to start is right here, with bachelorette t-shirts for the whole crew.

1.  Feisty Wifey to Be

We're getting Feisty and Soon to be Wifey Tank Tops


Bachelorette party supplies come no better than these two tank tops that come in all shapes and sizes for your party members. Fun isn't fun unless there are matching bachelorette t-shirts involved! Well, that and a lot of tequila...

Get the We're getting Feisty and Soon to be Wifey Tank Tops on

2. Bride Tribe Assemble

Bride Tribe Shirt


What you really need for your pre-wedding crew is a nickname. It's more important than it would be if y'all were a roller derby team. You've gotta stand out from the crowd and these matching bachelorette t-shirts are, to use an emoji: ??

Get the Bride Tribe Shirt on

3. I Do Love This Bachelorette T-Shirt

I Do Crew Shirt


Put it this way, if your girl hadn't had said "I do", you would so not be here in this position and ready to party. Clearly, we must celebrate her pre-married life to the utmost degree! Try to keep these bachelorette t-shirts on all night...

Get the I Do Crew Shirt on

4. Round Up the Bride Squad

Bride Squad Shirt


The name may not be a pun or rhyme, but it's what you are. A squad is always together through thick and thin, and you guys wouldn't be a bachelorette party if you weren't loved. It's time to paint the town wed!

Get the Bride Squad Shirt on

5.  Who'll Drink the Most?

Bride's Drinking Team Shirt


On the wedding day, drinks will be on the father of the bride but on the night of the bachelorette party, your mission is to ply the bride with alcohol. And maybe also wear these fitting bachelorette t-shirts while you do. Round is on you!

Get the Bride's Drinking Team Shirt on

6. Sail Away on Booze

Let's Get Nauti Shirt


Before you say goodbye to your bestie's maiden name, it's time to take that final journey elsewhere. Maybe she's marrying a sailor or maybe she just appreciates marinière a whole lot but your whole bachelorette party will LOVE this.

Get the Let's Get Nauti Shirt on

7.  Poppin' Bottles and Bustin' Moves

We're Popping Bottles Shirt


As the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, you have to be careful that the bachelorette party isn't too fun. We don't want to upstage the actual wedding right? (Even though you totally could with all that bubbly).

Get the We're Popping Bottles Shirt on

8. Team Bride or Groom?

Team Bride Shirt


No one will question which side you're on when you're wearing these bachelorette t-shirts. The last thing you want to happen is for people to think you're friends with the groom, all they do is watch sports! You bridesmaids are classier than that.

Get the Team Bride Shirt on

Saying goodbye to the friend you have known for a long time is hard, but think about it like this: Your bestie might be getting hitched and starting a whole new chapter in her life, but after the honeymoon period, she's gonna be super up for a ton of prosecco nights.

And who will be there to help her? You, your wedding crew, and the memory of the night you girls spent in your bachelorette t-shirts.