9 of the Dadliest Dad Shirts on the Planet

9 of the Dadliest Dad Shirts on the Planet

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There are so many dads out there who pretend like they don't care for gifts on their birthday or Christmas.

Dads will always tell you not to stress over what you're gonna get them, or they'll say that a new golf ball or CD will be enough.

They sure could be but what's always so great about gifting t-shirts is that they are value for money and are way more personal than that new shaver or plain white socks.

Dad shirts need to take on a new meaning, and so we propose in starting right here. Away with button-ups and polos and on with with slogans your pops will love.

1.  Is Your Dad a Hero?

Dad Grandpa Hero Shirt


If he is, don't hesitate in getting him a dad shirt that will show the world exactly what he is to you and your babies. Dads are always so cool, knowledgeable and won't force you to do your chores. Sounds like a hero to us!

Get the Dad Grandpa Hero Shirt on

2.  Na na na na na, Dadman!

Dadman Shirt


The caped crusader who helped you with your homework and taught you how to pitch is a legend. He is Dadman. This dad shirt is for the geeky dad who bought you a PlayStation because he wanted to play video games.

Get Dadman Shirt on

3.  Except He Totally Snores

I Don't Snore I Dream I'm a Motorcycle Shirt


Those rumblings of your dad's snores that echo throughout the house will stay with you even if you move to the other side of the country. (Think about your mom who can't escape!) The least you can do is help them come up with an excuse.

Get the I Don't Snore I Dream I'm a Motorcycle Shirt on

4.  Who's the Man?

Dad The Man The Myth The Legend Shirt


Your dad is the man! Your dad is also a myth to your friends and a legend to your partner (probably) and because he's the best dad on the planet, he needs a dad shirt that presents him as such!

Get the Dad The Man The Myth The Legend Shirt on

5.  This Dad Shirt is Beary Good

Papa Bear Shirt


Like bears themselves, your pops is protective and always has your back, right? He ought to consider changing his actual name to papa bear because he totally fits that description.

Get the Papa Bear Shirt on

6. For the Best Dad Ever

Best Dad Ever Shirt


This dad shirt is perfect for new dads, it will make them feel feelings while you feel contractions. Talk about inequality. Make no mistake about it, though, he will be the best dad ever. (After yours).

Get the Best Dad Ever Shirt on

7.  Best Dad in the Galaxy!

Best Dad In The Galaxy Shirt


If this shirt could talk it would say, "I am your father (shirt)." Lucky for us, it doesn't because it's a t-shirt and that would be creepy. Dads are usually fans of Star Wars, which makes this dad shirt simply perfect.

Get the Best Dad In The Galaxy Shirt on

8.  Your Dad is Reely Cool

Reel Cool Dad Shirt


Fishing dads should get ready for the gift that is this awesome dad shirt. If you're angling to win the favorite child competition, look no further than using this as bait. (Dad jokes will also work in your favor).

Get the Reel Cool Dad Shirt on

9.  Geekiest Dad Ever, You Are

Yoda Best Dad Ever Shirt


Citizens of Alderaan and other planets in Star Wars that have names I don't know, there is a new Jedi in town and his name is dad. Geeky dads will love this dad shirt that melds geek chic with dad jokes to make the best gift he's ever had!

Get the Yoda Best Dad Ever Shirt on

Be it Father's Day or his birthday, Christmas or a regular Friday, if you love your dad and think he's the best dad in the world, getting him one of these dad shirts will make him super happy.

Our Dads aren't gonna be around forever, we need to spoil them while we can.

10 Cool Biker T-Shirts Primed for the Open Road

10 Cool Biker T-Shirts Primed for the Open Road

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Bikers will tell you they live a life of freedom. They're not wrong. There is no comparison for the feeling of the wind whooshing past your ears or the feel of the rumble between you and the road.

So we're told!

The motorcycle lifestyle is one that's made for only one type of person. That person is the BIKER.

They look like they've just left ZZ Top and have been known to be kinda spacey at times, but we love them for all of that and the wisdom they give to us too.

If someone you love is a biker or you are yourself, get one or two of these biker t-shirts to wear on the road.

1.  Do You Dream of Motorcycles?

I Don't Snore I Dream I'm a Motorcycle Shirt


When you close your eyes at night, what do you dream of? If you dream of motorcycles, then it's guaranteed that you're a biker. LUCKY YOU. This biker t-shirt is perfect for if your husband is a biker who snores way too loudly.

Get the I Don't Snore I Dream I'm a Motorcycle Shirt on

2.  Ever Bike Across the States

Biker US Flag Shirt


America was made for its roads and its roads were made for bikers to travel the length and breadth of our beautiful country. Mixing Americana with your motorcycle, this simple biker shirt was made for the good, American biker.

Get the Biker US Flag Shirt on

3.  Biker Dads Are the Coolest Dads

Biker Dad Like a Normal Dad Only Cooler Shirt


If your dad is one, you'll know we're right on this. Biker dads have so much experience that regular dads don't have that they can pass down onto you... while they use you to help them do modifications for cheap labor.

Get the Biker Dad Like a Normal Dad Only Cooler Shirt on

4.  One Rhinestone Biker T-Shirt Coming Up

Chrome & Lights and Everything Nice Shirt


You either asked for this or you know someone that did. This biker t-shirt is perfect for the biker lady who rules the road. She's the one you'll buy beers for and who'll beat you from point A to point B. She's awesome.

Get the Chrome & Lights and Everything Nice Shirt on

5.  Biking is Better Than Therapy

I Ride So I Don't Choke People Shirt


A happy biker is a biker who can leave uncomfortable situations, hop on their ride, and see sights that will take their anger and turn it into joy. This biker shirt was made for the dude whose zen is their motorcycle.

Get the I Ride So I Don't Choke People Shirt on

6.  Check the Bike First

Is My Bike Okay? Shirt


Bikers are notoriously strong. Legit, every one I've met has a friend of a friend's cousin who got into an accident and asked the paramedics if their bike was okay. Funny biker shirts are rampant, but this one is perfect for those with dark humor.

Get the Is My Bike Okay? Shirt on

7.  Biker Dad Rules

This Man is a Father and a Biker Shirt


If the best fathers are bikers, the same is true of the best bikers being fathers. After having kids, you fear nothing. The worst experience you could have with them is them not going to bed, and if you can sleep in a roadhouse, you can sleep anywhere.

Get the This Man is a Father and a Biker Shirt on

8.  Biker Chicks Are Princesses

Who Needs Glass Slippers This Princess Wears Motorcycle Boots Shirt


Being tough doesn't mean being dirty. This biker t-shirt is for the chick who can fix up her bike faster than any other one of her friends and clean up after it before they've even finished setting the brakes.

Get the This Princess Wears Motorcycle Boots Shirt on

9.  Real Grandpas Ride

Real Grandpas Ride Motorcycles Shirt


If you're lucky, you have a grandpa that is a biker. They've evolved from being biker dad and now they know even more. They remember more, they can tell you things nobody can. Also, they're pretty awesome and let you sit on their bike.

Get the Real Grandpas Ride Motorcycles Shirt on

9.  Name a Better Day

Today's Schedule Biking Shirt


Does your day look like this? Do you know someone whose does? Good, now you know there's a biker t-shirt you can gift them the next time they swear they don't want presents. (But totally do).

Get the Today's Schedule Biker Shirt on

Bikers might be tough, bold, free, and cool, but they're also known for their soft hearts. Like teddy bears, to their family and friends, they're always there for big hugs.

They're softies at heart. Funny softies who like beer, AC/DC, and sometimes leather and pool.

When you're a biker, you have two or more families and if you get to be part of their family, you're loved no matter what.

Surprise the biker in your life now with one of these awesome biker shirts.

9 Camping T-Shirts Camping Enthusiasts Will Pitch a Fit For

9 Camping T-Shirts Camping Enthusiasts Will Pitch a Fit For

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Summer is the time of year when most of us don't mind camping. It's only the hardcore camping enthusiasts who will camp during all months of the year, in lots of different climates.

They are truly the heroes of our families and our friend groups. The Bear Grylls types who can teach you how to fish faster than they can bake a mean potato (and man, can they do that fast!)

Campers are a rare breed that we need to honor. Where would the rest of us be while we camp if not for the people who have tips on sleeping in the middle of nowhere?

Exactly there: Nowhere.

All of this is why we thought that connoisseurs of the wilderness were due their time to shine. If you know someone with a birthday coming up who loves to camp? Take a look at these camping t-shirts.

1.  Camping T-Shirts are in Tents

Camping Is In Tents Shirt


The people who like to camp are intense, too. As mentioned, they know how to fish, how to hunt, how to make a fire without needing to use a lighter. And they can cook in the wild better than they can at home!

Get the Camping Is In Tents Shirt on

2.  For the Happiest Campers

Happy Camper Shirt 


Do you super love to go camping? Like, to the point where it makes you grin from ear-to-ear? Then you're the human being this camping t-shirt was made for. If your camping friends haven't got you this already, they suck!

Get the Happy Camper Shirt on

3.  Campfires are for Drinking

Let's Get Campfire Drunk Shirt 


Gather around the campfire with your friends for 'tis the time to tell the tale of ghosts. A drink around the campfire is such a fun and great way to spend an evening and will be even better if you do it in this camping t-shirt.

Get the Let's Get Campfire Drunk Shirt on

4.  S'more Camping T-Shirts for Ya

Outdoors and S'mores Shirt


S'mores are so delicious, but if they were made any time that wasn't while camping, they would totally lose their magic. Toasting s'mores on the fire is a way to teach your kids how to cook. (And what's delicious).

Get the Outdoors and S'mores Shirt on

5.  Rather Be Camping?

I'd Rather Be Camping Shirt


A lot of campers would rather be camping than doing just about anything. It's built into their hobbyist DNA and we can hardly blame them for it, even if we don't understand. We love them for it, not despite it.

Get the I'd Rather Be Camping Shirt on

6.  Say Yes to Camping

Say Yes to New Adventures Shirt


This camping t-shirt helps in explaining why camping enthusiasts love camping as much as they do: for the adventure, the stories, and the incredible journeys they can take. It's not just perfect for campers! It's for anyone who likes new adventures.

Get the Say Yes to New Adventures Shirt on

7.  Your Royal Majesty Queen of the Camper

Queen of the Camper Shirt


Someone's gotta be boss, and for the most part, it's not gonna be the one doing most of the camp-building. This camping t-shirt is for the other half who you can't camp with, but also couldn't camp without.

Get the Queen of the Camper Shirt on

8.  Camping is the Best Therapy

I Don't Need Therapy I Just Need Camping Shirt


Nothing like the wilderness to put all of your problems into perspective, is there? In the wild, there's no time to worry or stress about the little things when you've gotta get that tent up by nightfall.

Get the I Don't Need Therapy I Just Need Camping Shirt on

9.  A Real Camping Weekend

Weekend Forecast Camping With a Chance of Drinking Shirt


The best camping weekends could wind up being blockbuster comedy flicks like Road Trip and The Hangover, but with action too. Hence the camping part! All campers have had them, and they should totally be memorialized with matching camping t-shirts.

Get the Weekend Forecast Camping Shirt on

If you can't wait for summer to dive into the garage for your tent and inflatable mattresses, why wait until then?

Spring is literally right around the corner!

Slip on your favorite camping t-shirt, round up the boys, and go have an in-tents-ly good time!

10 Nurse Shirts for the Real Superheroes in Life

10 Nurse Shirts for the Real Superheroes in Life

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

It doesn't matter which country you visit, nurses are extremely underpaid compared to doctors and, sometimes, even more overworked.

You have to be a strong, capable, passionate individual to be a good nurse. You've got to care about your patients and people as a whole, wanting to do all you can to help them recover.

Nurses do /everything/ around the hospital and practices. They clean up, they're there for comfort, they do diagnostic tests and vitals, and they are 100% heroes.

They basically deserve the world. Or some chocolates. Or if you can't get your hands on either of those things—pretty sure the world would be hard to get—why not get them a gift nobody else has?

Like one of these funny and awesome nurse shirts, perhaps?

1.  Nurse is Synonymous With Badass

Bad Ass Nurse Shirt


Badass lifesaver isn't an official title, but it does go without saying when you're a nurse. This isn't to demean the doctors, they're legends and superheroes in their own right, but nurses are a whole other thing. Nurses put their patients above everyone.

Get the Bad Ass Nurse Shirt on

2.  A Gentle Reminder...

Nurse Description Shirt 


I bet there are a lot of people with this story. You're showing off to your friends one night and the next thing you know, you're hazily waking up with a nurse hovering over you. This nurse t-shirt will serve as a keen reminder for you and your nursing loved one.

Get the Nurse Description Shirt on

3.  Nurse Moms Have Pride Too

Proud Mom of Nurse Shirt 


Cheer moms have shirts to show their pride, football moms have the same, and so, obviously, there needs to be a nurse shirt that shows it. As a nurse mom, your child may have saved the life of anyone around you. Wear this shirt with pride. Your kid is awesome.

Get the Proud Mom of Nurse Shirt on

4.  A Nurse Shirt With Heart

Nurse Heartbeat Shirt


As a nurse, you have your finger on the pulse quite literally! You'll love this nurse t-shirt that mixes who you are with what you do. Your patient's heartbeat will literally be doing this because you saved them. How cool does that make you feel?

Get the Nurse Heartbeat Shirt on

5.  You're a Survivor Too Nursing School Survivor Shirt


You might save lives now, but you do it because you managed to survive yourself. Survive NURSING SCHOOL, that is. There are TV shows about medical interns, but where is the drama about nursing school? Oh boy, think of the stories they could use...

Get the Nursing School Survivor Shirt on

6.  If You're a Nurse Who Loves Your Job...

I Heart Nursing Shirt


You clean up things you shouldn't clean up and are shouted at, you love your job that much. Your future patients and family members (anatomically-correct) heart nursing, too. They love you for being their nurse and the most excellent nurse in the whole world.

Get the I Heart Nursing Shirt on

7.  You Make Your Dad Proud, Too Proud Dad of Nurse Shirt



And, as the nurse t-shirt itself says, you should totally buy your dad this as a birthday/Father's day present. He'll love it because he will be proud of you for so many things but especially because you're a life-saver. (And have great taste in fashion...)

Get the Proud Dad of Nurse Shirt on

8.  Nurses Are Scary Awesome

Nurse and Mom Shirt


Does your spouse ever wonder how you can be so damn good at everything? Well, it's because you're a nurse! You had to be to get through nursing school. They should respect you and wear this shirt the next time you guys go out to dinner. If you ever get the time...

Get the Nurse and Mom Shirt on

9.  A Shirt for Your Favorite School Nurse

Best School Nurse Ever Shirt


How many times have you given a kid an ice pack or placebo to get them back to class? Being a school nurse is a super taxing job in different ways to your hospital nurse friends, and you all need a drink at the end of a shift. (With ice...)

Get the Best School Nurse Ever Shirt on

10.  A Nurse's Life

Coffee Scrubs and Rubber Gloves Shirt


Coffee, Scrubs, rubber gloves, and hashtags. That's what makes the life of a nurse bearable. Without the first two, you'd find it hard to work your shifts at all. The third is just there to protect you from losing your sanity. #nursinglife indeed!

Get the Coffee Scrubs and Rubber Gloves Shirt on

Nursing is such a cool profession that you should get a million bucks just for being a nurse. We cannot make that happen (we wish we could!) but we can deliver fabulous nurse shirts to make sure everyone knows how awesome you or your loved one is. Keep being amazing, nurses.

10 Spooky Halloween Shirts Guaranteed to Make You Scream

10 Spooky Halloween Shirts Guaranteed to Make You Scream

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, OtziShirts may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

These days, Halloween is one of the most important holidays of the year. It's also one of the most fun!

Once Halloween hits, you know that Thanksgiving and then Christmas are both just around the corner.

Of course, where is the fun in rushing over the one month of the year where dressing up doesn't have an age limit?? It isn't there!

All stores do Halloween clothes, but there are some Halloween shirts you can wear all year 'round...

...if you dare.


1.  Jack O'Halloween Shirt

Jack O'Halloween Shirt


No Halloween symbol is more prominent than the great Jack O'Lantern. Ghosts, bats, and witch hats are almost up there with black cats, but the Jack O'Lantern is where it's at. This adorable Halloween shirt will make you scream in delight.

Get the Jack O'Lantern Halloween Shirt on

2.  Here for the Boos

Here for the Boos Shirt


Which spirit will you be after this fine, spooky evening? Ginsect and tonic? The Rummy? You don't have to wait for October to wear this Halloween shirt. Ghosts are loose every month of the year and death doesn't stop them liking beer!

Get the Here for the Boos Shirt on

3.  Witch, Please!

Happy Halloween Witches Shirt


A batch of these Halloween shirts for your coven will be the funniest thing you get this year. It might not even be inaccurate because maybe you actually are witches. Maybe it's time that everyone else who knows you knew it too!

Get the Happy Halloween Witches Shirt on

4.  Jason Has No Time For Anyone

No Lives Matter Shirt


It's not always Friday the 13th, but it's also not always a day where you're switched on. Sometimes, you just want to throw your hands in the air and hide away from everyone. Jason gets it and so do we!

Get the No Lives Matter Shirt on

5.  Halloween is for Candy

Halloween is for Candy Shirt


What kind of heartless people give out toothpaste and healthy snacks to Trick or Treaters? It's so lame. Don't they know we're in this for the secondhand candy? This simple Happy Halloween shirt will make everyone give you candy.

Get the Halloween is for Candy Shirt on

6.  Neighborhood Witch

Neighborhood Witch Shirt


If your neighbors don't believe you that you're a witch, why don't you show them with a Halloween t-shirt that will tell them straight up what they're dealing with? Pointed hats just aren't in this season.

Get the Neighborhood Shirt on

7.  Cat This if You Can

 Meh Cat Shirt


So, Halloween isn't for everybody, I guess. We all know that one person who half-assedly gets involved in parties by wearing t-shirts that say, "This is my Halloween costume." This anti-Halloween shirt is especially for those poor souls!

Get the Meh Cat Shirt on

8.  Trick, Treat, or T-Shirt

Trick or Treat Shirt


Words only count during Halloween when they're written in dripping letters. Turning up at anyone's door in this Halloween shirt means you can leave the talking to the kids while you stand there in the werewolf mask you were made to wear.

Get the Trick or Treat Shirt on

9.  Never Say Boo to a Ghost

Halloween Boo Shirt


Say it to anyone and anything else at any time of the year you want to. Pumpkins and spiders aren't just Halloween things, not when we have greenhouses and black widows! Live a little. Be spooky. Be free...!

Get the Halloween Boo Shirt on

10.  This Halloween Shirt Totally Rocks

Halloween Rocker Shirt


Made for the metal-heads and the music-loving goths in our lives, any one of them will stop everything to tell you that skeletons aren't just for the classroom. They're for life, man! Or until death...

Get the Halloween Rocker Shirt on

Keep the season alive during every month of the year by simply donning your best Halloween shirt and saying to the world, "I do what I want!"

Jokes aside, Halloween is such a fun time of year that even if you only wear costumes then, it's super fun to plan ahead for.

Why not get started now??