10 Spooky Halloween Shirts Guaranteed to Make You Scream

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These days, Halloween is one of the most important holidays of the year. It's also one of the most fun!

Once Halloween hits, you know that Thanksgiving and then Christmas are both just around the corner.

Of course, where is the fun in rushing over the one month of the year where dressing up doesn't have an age limit?? It isn't there!

All stores do Halloween clothes, but there are some Halloween shirts you can wear all year 'round...

...if you dare.


1.  Jack O'Halloween Shirt

Jack O'Halloween Shirt

Source: OtziShirts.com

No Halloween symbol is more prominent than the great Jack O'Lantern. Ghosts, bats, and witch hats are almost up there with black cats, but the Jack O'Lantern is where it's at. This adorable Halloween shirt will make you scream in delight.

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2.  Here for the Boos

Here for the Boos Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

Which spirit will you be after this fine, spooky evening? Ginsect and tonic? The Rummy? You don't have to wait for October to wear this Halloween shirt. Ghosts are loose every month of the year and death doesn't stop them liking beer!

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3.  Witch, Please!

Happy Halloween Witches Shirt

Source: OtziShirts.com

A batch of these Halloween shirts for your coven will be the funniest thing you get this year. It might not even be inaccurate because maybe you actually are witches. Maybe it's time that everyone else who knows you knew it too!

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4.  Jason Has No Time For Anyone

No Lives Matter Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

It's not always Friday the 13th, but it's also not always a day where you're switched on. Sometimes, you just want to throw your hands in the air and hide away from everyone. Jason gets it and so do we!

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5.  Halloween is for Candy

Halloween is for Candy Shirt

Source: OtziShirts.com

What kind of heartless people give out toothpaste and healthy snacks to Trick or Treaters? It's so lame. Don't they know we're in this for the secondhand candy? This simple Happy Halloween shirt will make everyone give you candy.

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6.  Neighborhood Witch

Neighborhood Witch Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

If your neighbors don't believe you that you're a witch, why don't you show them with a Halloween t-shirt that will tell them straight up what they're dealing with? Pointed hats just aren't in this season.

Get the Neighborhood Shirt on Amazon.com

7.  Cat This if You Can

 Meh Cat Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

So, Halloween isn't for everybody, I guess. We all know that one person who half-assedly gets involved in parties by wearing t-shirts that say, "This is my Halloween costume." This anti-Halloween shirt is especially for those poor souls!

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8.  Trick, Treat, or T-Shirt

Trick or Treat Shirt

Source: OtziShirts.com

Words only count during Halloween when they're written in dripping letters. Turning up at anyone's door in this Halloween shirt means you can leave the talking to the kids while you stand there in the werewolf mask you were made to wear.

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9.  Never Say Boo to a Ghost

Halloween Boo Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

Say it to anyone and anything else at any time of the year you want to. Pumpkins and spiders aren't just Halloween things, not when we have greenhouses and black widows! Live a little. Be spooky. Be free...!

Get the Halloween Boo Shirt on Amazon.com

10.  This Halloween Shirt Totally Rocks

Halloween Rocker Shirt

Source: Amazon.com

Made for the metal-heads and the music-loving goths in our lives, any one of them will stop everything to tell you that skeletons aren't just for the classroom. They're for life, man! Or until death...

Get the Halloween Rocker Shirt on Amazon.com

Keep the season alive during every month of the year by simply donning your best Halloween shirt and saying to the world, "I do what I want!"

Jokes aside, Halloween is such a fun time of year that even if you only wear costumes then, it's super fun to plan ahead for.

Why not get started now??

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